Saturday, October 3, 2009

the fisherman's daughter is self destructive,

and toxic to you. im not sure what this piece needs....but its missing something...


  1. perhaps a more dramatic and colorful sky a red/orange-ish setting sun with clouds maybe?

    and then exaggerate the waters darkness as it goes deep, but instead of a rectangular gradient, maybe something that echos her form and movement.

    some bubbles maybe?

  2. I really like this, Joanna.

    I don't think anything should be changed drastically. There's enough drama being played out by the characters. Complicating the composition or color palette would only take away from the main focus of the piece.

    Maybe if you moved some of that pale, orange-y-brown that's to the right of the boat, throughout the sky, it would give you that feeling of completion or cohesiveness. Subtly.

  3. Thanks guys! its always the last 10% of completion thats the hardest! hahaha